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The Gospel Defender Journal, Volume 7 – Number 6 (Nov. – Dec., 1999)

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– Five Things you Cannot Do Without if You Want to Go To Heaven

– The Story of Elisha: Examining Elisha’s Enthusiasm

– Using Your Imagination

– Tape Ministry “Salvation of the Samaritans”

– Construction of the Tabernacle: Divine Initiative, Divine Instructions, Divine Intent

– Four Hearts in Exodus

– Promise Keepers: Is it a Blessing or a Bane?

– The Failing Follies of Jerusalem’s Leadership

– Arguments Against the Necessity to be Immersed in Water for Salvation

– Mary Had a Little Lamb

– Heavenly Hebrew Homily Helps

o #12 Ten Reasons Christ is Superior to the Angels: Reason #2

– What Difference Does the Water Make?

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